How To Tie Bow Tie in 7 Easy Steps

How To Tie Bow Tie in 7 Easy Steps

Have you ever worn a clip-on bow tie to an elegant event? As you confidently move around the room, your tie gets caught up on your buttons and causes your tie to fall off. People will gawk at you, almost as if you have committed a crime beyond belief! As you run to safety, hurt and injured, you decide you will never let this terrible thing happen again in your lifetime. You must learn how to tie a real bow tie!

How to tie bow tie?

The art of bow tie tying is just as simple as tying shoestrings. All of us know that was very difficult even when we first tried. We’re here to offer ideas for this huge task. Your initial success will at this will feel somewhat redemptive for you. The following is a brief but systematic set of instructions for starting on the path to achieving your objective. Complete the following instructions and begin the difficult and lengthy trip to return to the black-tie events.


How to tie bow tie – Steps

Place the untied bow tie around the circumference of your neck. One end should be 1 1/2 inches longer than the other end.

Place the shorter end on the bottom and place the longer end on top of it. Be careful to make the loop near your neck, allowing only sufficient length to work with.

Placement is important as you want your bow tie just below your throat not down in front of your shirt.

Tie it in a loose knot. Next, make a not-too-tight overhand knot by putting the bigger side in the circle.

As you’re finishing the next directions, you place the side with the longer length on your shoulder. Form a zigzagging shape.

Next, take the part of the bow tie that is hanging and place it in-front of the knot.

The bow tie’s indentations should be at the bottom of your chin. The flap will become the front of your bowtie.

Give it a tug to lower it. It’s time to get the bigger side and put it in the middle. This should be perfectly in line with the front of the bow tie.

Snap it into position. Now that the long bit of your bowtie is down the center, keep it in place by puling the opposite side of the tie towards the center. This will make a hole. Put the center of the long end in the hole. Pull up together.

When you are finished you should have two loops completed. Tightening you bow tie requires grasping each loop.

Make the necessary adjustments to balance the pair of ends.

Seven steps is your key to clip on bow freedom! Arise, a genuine wearer of this more formal fashion decoration.

Now your question on how to tie bow tie is answered, Go forward and enjoy your newly found successes and I hope they give you respect and amazement for your skills!

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