Facebook – Business Page Without Linkage To Personal Page

Facebook – Business Page Without Linkage To Personal Page

A friend just asked me: How can I have my business page on Facebook separate from my personal profile? Here is the answer.

The situation my friend was in was the following: She wanted to separate her personal page, which she used for friends and private interactions, from her business presence on Facebook.

Creating a business page

To clarify: You can only create a business page when you already have a personal profile page which then is administering any other additional pages. It doesn’t matter who is administering a business page and that is how we can create it without apparent linkage to a personal page.

Creating and administrator

In order to unlink your existing business page from your personal profile you must first create a personal profile of an administrator. For that purpose you must create another login with a second email address to which you have access. Make sure you remember the combination of this email address and password so you don’t confuse it with your primary account.

Switching administration

Once you’ve created your administrator profile, find your business page and click ‘like’ so your administrator becomes a member. Go back to your primary account (for this you have to log out and login again) and go to where you can edit your business page. In the left navigation bar you will find an option called ‘Manage Admins’ – click on this option. In the navigation window that will open you have the option of adding another admin by either typing the email address or the administrator’s name you used when setting it up. Once you have saved the changes you can then remove yourself (your primary account holder) as an admin.

Members – Friends

Once this has happened you will still have the same members as part of your page and the same people as your personal friends on your primary account. In case you had made friends that you prefer only to have as members related to your business you can simply delete them as your friends of your primary account. Don’t worry, they won’t get notified.

Advantages and disadvantages

The advantages of this solution is that you have a clear distinction between your personal profile page and your business presence, if that is important to you. You can lead your business contacts to your business presence on Facebook and your friends to your personal page. Remember that even your business contacts will know your personal name and might find you when searching but it is your decision whether you want to approve them as friends.

The main disadvantage of this solution is that you have to login and logout when switching between accounts. If you don’t mind this, than this solution is fine for you.

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